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BKOOL Trainer, V1.0, Video Trainer
2.995 kr
4.292 kr

Elite Trainer, KIT, Volare Pack

KIT! Med Travelblock, DVD & svettskydd
Elite Trainer, KIT, Volare Pack
1.694 kr
1.993 kr
Elite Trainer, Qubo Digital
4.595 kr
The power of electronics to control your training in every details.
Qubo digital is an ANT encoded, electronically-adjusted magnetic roller controllable by control unit and wireless management. Guaranteeing control and performance, it keeps every moment of your training monitored and follows you in your progress....
Elite Trainer, Qubo Fluid
2.495 kr
2.995 kr
Our most powerful fluid unit ever, train simply in silence.
A large flywheel completely immersed in oil enables high resistance levels to be obtained even at low speed....
Elite Trainer, Qubo Hydromag
2.695 kr
4.395 kr
Fluid and magnetic together, the best of both worlds.
By combining the smooth feel of fluid with the adjustability of magnetic resistance you get a truly exceptional experience....
Elite Trainer, Turbo Muin
4.429 kr
5.193 kr
Elite Trainer, KIT, Qubo Power Mag
2.694 kr
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Evalds kund - Webbonus
100 kr
Avid Skivbroms, Elixir 5, Black Bak (160 mm)
1.072 kr
Scott Tröja, RC Pro, Gul (M)
993 kr
Specialized Glasögon, Halftime, Svart
1.156 kr 749 kr
Specialized Pump, Airtool CO2 Minikit 25g
318 kr