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  • All new design inside and out
  • Revised ergonomics for better finger wrap and a revised shifter paddle for improved finger clearance
  • Individual Reach Adjust
  • Low hand force required
  • Fully sealed system for no contamination
  • Easy bleed access
  • Use this 11-speed shifter for both SRAM Road 1x and 2x drivetrains
  • Optimized stopping power and modulation for cyclocross
  • 18mm front/ 18mm rear pistons
  • Specific caliper and piston ratio
  • Centerline rotors sold separately
  • SRAM flat mount calipers use the new flat mount interface found on some new 2016 frames and forks for complete compatibility.
  • For front brakes the same caliper adaptor is used for 160mm and 140mm rotor applications. Just rotate the included adaptor 180 degrees to switch between the two sizes.
  • Rear brakes are natively 140mm rotor compatible and can be adapted to 160mm rotors with an included caliper spacer.
  • SRAM recommends 160mm rotors front and rear for ideal braking power, modulation and heat dissipation.
  • Bleed procedure and required bleed hardware is unchanged compared to SRAMs post mount calipers.
  • One caliper design is used for both front and rear applications

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SRAM Vxl/Brmreglage, Force 22 DISC Flat Mount, 2x11

SRAM Road’s HydroR hydraulic braking platform provides better speed modulation and braking performance in all conditions. SRAM Force Hydraulic Road Disc Brakes are now available to fit flat mount frames and forks. No matter which bike you choose, SRAM has a brake with unrivalled modulation and control to fit it.
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SRAM Vxl/Brmreglage, Force 22 DISC, 2x11
Hydralisk Skivbroms
3 100,00 kr